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Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
newspaper size or the government. let's take a listen to david cameron. >> the issue of principle is for the first time we would right elements of press regulation into the law of the land. we should be weary of any legislation that has to potential to infringe free speech and free press. >> now they love david cameron because he's taking a stand against tighter regulation. >> not all of them do. some of the serious press are fairly supportive of the findings and they say even the backed regulation is pretty reasonable. it allows victims to get a redress without having to go to a liable lawyer. >> what's your take? do you think stricter regulation is needed? >> i think you have to worry about infringement on freedom ch when you get any regulation. that makes me feel uncomfortable. i think this legislation looks at the old guard. it's very restricted to the press. i'm not sure how effective it will be as we go forward in the internet world. maybe it's false of the past and we're hopefully going to see a very different future maybe without the intervention of government and press. >
Dec 9, 2012 8:00am PST
now there are many more options. of course, dollars follow the census. >> there are government programs. if you're a minority you -- >> one of the young women in our documentary is figuring out what she should check when she goes off to college. she says i see myself as african-american but what happens if i check a box and i get there and they say, oh, we took an african-american girl, you're egyptian. she's also trying to figure out, ghavt how she feels and self-identifies and how she thinks society will identify her. >> briefly in your own life experience, there he's no one answer. everybody's gonlt to find what they're comfortable with. >> you can tell by the nasty debate we're having on twitter. it's very painful. it can get nasty at times. for me i can debate till the cows come home because i'm comfortable. nya is not so comfortable. >> i'm going go twitter and see what people are saying. >> join me. >> thanks for joining me. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> soledad's document "who is black in america" is on tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it can get nasty at times.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)